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Services under yellow bus umbrella

For schools

Unified dashboard to monitor buses in realtime. Notification on over speeding and route divergence.Daily attendance reports.

For parents

See live where is your kid's bus. Notifications on bus starting and approaching the bus stop.The parents gets notified when the child boards or deboards the bus.

IQGrain as a service

IQGrain is the SAAS platform to empower education institutes which helps to ease the means of communication between teachers, students and parents. IQGrain platform helps to improve learning and reduce unwanted noise between education institutes, parents and students.

For schools

The day to day functionality of schools is a cumbersome process and needs advent of technology to handle the operations.Looking that into picture we are introducing our product which consists of about 24 features with the prominent ones being attendance,noticeboard,real time notifications,remarks,calendar,emails,stock management,fee management, transportation and many more.

For parents

IQGrain provides many features to parents like attendance, album, communication, result, pay fee, PTM and many more so they can stay updated on kid's progress.

For teachers

IQGrain has many features around the teachers that helps them in communication, taking class attendance, managing time table, taking tests and tracking events.

How it works

Simple and elegant

  • Choose your stop

    Select bus stop for your kid and school. Done, that is all you need to do as a parent.

  • Notifications

    Everyday the app will notify you when bus is about to reach stop.

  • Bus location live

    You can see live location of bus anytime

  • Attendance

    Real time notifications of your child while boarding/deboarding the bus

  • Try

Parent HelpDesk

Your child's safety is what we care

  • How do I get Yellow Bus service for my child/children ?
    You need to approach your child’s school/college to get yourself registered with Yellow Bus . If it is not yet available in the aforementioned institution, parents can coerce them for their children’s safety .
  • How will I track my child’s whereabouts while in transit ?
    You can track conveniently on your smartphone (Android or iOS) by installing the app and by getting registered using the provided instructions .
  • Do we need to have login/password to use this app ?
    You don’t need any login/password to use this app . Your contact number is your identity and you need to install the app in the contact number registered by your school .
  • I want to have a same copy in the other phone . Can I do it ?
    You can enter the other number as a guardian number in the Edit profile and the same copy of this app can be used in the phone with other contact number .
  • What if I have more than one child . Can I see all of my children in same app ?
    Right now you need to have as many phones as the number of children you have with each phone having your child whereabout .
  • What if my child boards the bus from home in the morning, but gets down at coaching centre in the afternoon or vice versa ?
    Yellow Bus handles such cases, and you’ll be able to track precisely on both the routes .
  • If I am not available to pick up my child from school bus stop, and have to rely on somebody else . Is there any option to assure my child’s safety in this case ?
    There is a feature called Secure Code which generates a unique code for every 3 hours and can be accessed via app . The school bus driver/helper will hand over the child to the person other than parent only after verifying the credentials by matching the code .
  • How can I contact Yellow Bus Team ?
    You can use Contact Us section on this website or can drop us a mail at support@myyellowbus.co.in .

Business Enquiry

We grow as you grow.

Business Enquiry

The Indian education system is one of the largest in the world. The private education sector is estimated to reach US$ 115 billion by 2018 and US$ 180 billion by 2020. With such a vast growth opportunity, Yellow Bus provides an open opportunity to be the part its revolutionary product. Our products will expose you to the biggest consumer segment available, the student’s community. With huge repetitive margins, and vast growth potential, Yellow Bus product line will skyrocket your profits like never before.For further discussion and information about our distributorship models, send your queries through Contact Us.You can download the Yellow Bus Brochure from here to understand it more

  • Do I need to be authorized before distributing Yellow Bus products ?
    Yes, any firm wishing to distribute Yellow Bus products must be empanelled & authorized first .
  • How long does it take to get empanelled & become authorized ?
    It depends on several factors, including how complete your application is . Your company should be registered with government and we will on-board you as soon as legal formalities are completed . You can start the sales process thereafter .
  • How are the territories defined for distributors ?
    Right now we are providing city and district wise distributorship .
  • Will I be provided with tools for managing Yellow Bus operations ?
    Yes, a distributor will be assigned one stop solution called “Yellow Bus Distributor Dashboard” to manage their clients and related operations . They will also be provided with the videos, documents and brochures which are enough to understand and sell the Yellow Bus products .
  • Can I control the prices for my products ?
    No - that would be a breach of agreement as the price is fixed throughout India .
  • Incase, the end consumer reports the distributor any problem, what kind of support the company can provide ?
    We have made sure to have the best possible training materials in terms of documents and videos for the distributor, which can enable the distributor to solve any query from the consumer side . In special cases, the distributor can contact their support manager or send the query to support@myyellowbus.co.in for the its resolution .
  • As a prospective distributor, can I meet the current distributors to understand the ROI ?
    Yes, you can surely meet any of our distributors, however a formal request has to be submitted with the company in this regard .
  • Since I am new to this business, what kind of support can I expect from the company ?
    No need to worry ! The company has made sure to provide as much as marketing collateral in terms of videos and brochures to help you out to sell the product . However, the company support team is a email and call away !! .

Distribution Partners

Our Backbone

Our distributors are the backbone of our organization. They are the ones who help us in growing our product and making it a household name. Right now we have 35 distributors and is seeking for more who can help us and themselves in taking our product to every household,school and educational institution in India.

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